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2022 Annual Report

From our President/CEO

When reflecting on 2022 and the evolution of our organization, I recognize the impressive accomplishments we have made amid change at every level. These changes are strengthening our infrastructure to grow our pipeline and becoming a key stakeholder in Orange County’s affordable housing solutions. 

Our organizational teams have changed. Our headquarters and warehouse spaces have expanded and our vision for the next era of Habitat for Humanity of Orange County has been recalibrated and defined.

Amid these shifting operations, our affiliate continued to meet benchmark goals and support our cornerstone mission. The Stanton project was completed with six beautiful, new homes and six families who now enjoy the opportunity to build financial security through homeownership. One Habitat home was also resold this year, and the wealth-creation-through-equity cycle begins again for a new family who will now enjoy the benefits of the Habitat home model.

We also began construction at the Lacy Street project in Santa Ana where two single family homes are being constructed on what was once a single lot. These success stories all underscore the resilience and impact of our mission– to advocate for and build affordable housing.

Even as Orange County continues to be one of the least affordable housing markets in the country, we have continued to build homes and acquire home sites. We have found creative opportunities within the market and have worked all aspects of the organization to uncover new ways to advance our efforts to bridge the housing divide within our community.

The workforce of Orange County needs our help more than ever before and our organization stands ready to build homes, provide family security and generational wealth. We are building the future for a new generation, and we thank you for your continued support.

Monique Davis
C-Suite Executive Team
Expanded Headquarter space
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Expanded Warehouse space
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The Martinez Family

“We did not know how quickly we would see the real benefits of owning our home.”

At October 2022 Framing Day, Katia Martinez shared her personal story about how homeownership has impacted her family. Her words captivated the attendees and continue to inspire our staff. The ripple effects of home security simply cannot be overstated.

“In just a month, I started noticing the difference in our children’s behavior and attitude on a daily basis. It’s the simple things, like having space to move around and relax…

I asked my family about the impact of having a permanent home. My oldest son said, “better education”. 

My daughter added, “I feel safer, and I have privacy at home, now”. My youngest son said, “we can run, dance, move around the house, stomp our feet, and enjoy time together.”

My husband said, “I have stability now.” 

Katia Martinez
Homeowner since January 2021

Construction and Development

Homes Built
Children Served
Units in Pipeline
Donated Materials & Services
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Special Thanks To Our Construction And Consulting Services Donors In 2022
Antis Roofing and Waterproofing
Behr Paint
Colossal Excavation
CT Plumbing
First Choice Landscape
Ganahl Lumber Company
Pasco Laret Suiter & Associates
Schneider Electric
Simpson Strong-Tie
SJ Grigolla Construction Company
Yukon Plastering
First Choice Building Products
HVAC Robert Mittlesteadt / Mark Fisher
Tot Lot Pros
Automobile Club of Orange County
Watch our community raise the frames at our newest development
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Homebuyer Services

Our Stanton homeowners enjoyed the generosity of Auto Club Southern California and Seidner’s Collision Center who gave fully reconditioned vehicles for each homeowner, and auto insurance for a year!

Automobile Association of Southern California is a continuing sponsor for Habitat for Humanity Orange County. 

With the generous support of the Automobile Association of Orange County, six families at our Stanton location received the gift of vehicles with their new home while Seidner’s Collision Center donated labor and parts.

Homes Sold
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Home Repair

City Partnerships
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Projects Completed
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Seniors Served (62+)

Our ReStores

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“Before our Habitat home, we rented multiple apartments and paid over 50% of our income to landlords…. 

We will forever be grateful to the donors, volunteers, and the Habitat team that continue to make homeownership a reality for many struggling families.”

Algabre Family, Fullerton
Homeowner since September 2021

Our Why

At Habitat for Humanity Orange County, our mission remains our central objective in improving the lives our community’s working families. We continue to take pride in the feedback we receive from our Habitat homeowners in Orange County. 

This is our reason why. This is how we know that our advocacy, our partnerships, and our daily efforts are making a difference to those we serve. This is how, brick-by- brick, we grow generational wealth, security, and stronger communities.

Affording Security

“My children are almost all grown now. The last one is a senior. Because of Habitat they all grew up in the same home. And will always have a place to return if they ever need to.”

Sylvia (Sawyer)

Affording Education Opportunities

“Our son graduated from Cypress College this year. And we couldn’t be more proud!”


Cypress Homeowner since 2015

“Because of Habitat we were able to provide a safe and comfortable home for our family. Both of my children have now graduated college!”


Westminster Homeowner since 2005

“Happy to announce my daughter has graduated from John J School of Criminal Justice with a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology…”

Lorena Larson

Fullerton Homeowner since 2010

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