Qualified homebuyers agree to volunteer time, not just money towards their home purchase.

INVEST IN homeownership

Together we build, laugh and form long lasting friendships.

As a potential Habitat OC homeowner it goes beyond a mortgage, it’s about home and family.  Investing time and effort in building, volunteering and sharing the experience of giving back to the community and others.  It’s how we make housing affordable and how our potential homeowners meet the requirement to invest in their future. 

Partnering with Habitat means you are willing to:

  • Volunteer a sweat equity contribution
  • Support the Habitat Program
  • Participate in a homeowners association (HOA)
  • Make timely mortgage payments
  • Complete and sign annual survey and recommitment letter

working for the future

Your working contribution is your part in building our community. There are many different ways to contribute.

Hours can be earned by:

  1. Attending Classes
  2. Working in the ReStore and on site
  3. Doing office work
  4. Attending special events

Sweat equity contribution after selection:

  1. 250 hours per qualified new homebuyers (low income)
  2. 100 hours per qualified resale homebuyers (low income)
  3. 25 hours per qualified new or resale homebuyers (moderate income)
  4. Hours can be completed within 10 months

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