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Faith & Community

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County recognizes the power of faith and community in transforming lives and building stronger neighborhoods, and we believe that working together, we can have a profound impact.

Habitat for Humanity has been dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing solutions to workforce families for more than 35 years in Orange County. We are inspired by the teachings of compassion, justice, and service that are central to many faith traditions and invite your congregation/community to join us in our mission.

Faith & Community

Here are a few ways your faith community can participate:

Your faith community can actively support Habitat for Humanity of Orange County through volunteer workdays, fundraising, and material donations. You can also help raise awareness about the affordable housing crisis and provide spiritual support.

Together with your support through your faith community, we aim to make a positive impact by helping build safe and affordable homes for every person, every faith – all are welcome.

We’re Building Dreams of home ownership every day with the support of our cherished Orange County faith community.

For more information about these and other projects available to your faith group please contact or call (714) 434-6200 ext. 515

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